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If you are looking for the best services for RELOCATION purposes with the REMOVALISTS who not only have a good name in this industry, but are also known for their best quality and proficient services related to their field, then you are exactly at the appropriate place where you should be. We are not just a company working in the many different places of LONDON as we are working in CAMBERLEY, we are a company serving human beings who need paid aid for any sort of services which are listed in our web site and if any other services are suitable for us, we are still very much delighted to serve you. We have marked our entry in each and every small and large cities and boroughs in all over the United Kingdom (UK) and are proud that we are rising to the peak of what most of the companies must be looking forward for. Mentioned below are some of the most basic but the most important services which we provide to all of our potential clients.



One of the most basic but major services which need to be considered is the HOUSE REMOVALS. There are many different phases involved into HOME REMOVAL SERVICES as complications and serious business is to be dealt with. Furniture, House Holds, Electrical Appliances and many other such possessions which are extremely delicate and costly items, cannot be just replaced due to damage caused by careless handling. This is the reason we have instructed our REVIVALISTS strictly that they shouldn’t handle them forcefully, but they should use trolleys and other supportive equipment’s after they are professionally packed into the specific packaging’s for a safe and scratch free move. This is one of the highly renowned reasons why our clients prefer to go for our professional services throughout their requirements.


Just like the above mentioned heading, OFFICE REMOVAL is also a very major part and parcel of our removal business, as there are not just technical aspects to be covered, but at the same time privacy, secrecy and intelligent handling with the promise of being punctual which is a matter of utter consideration for the potential clients. Some of the official clients prefer to guide us and monitor us throughout the process, while many of them just assign us the tasks which need to be carried out so that we can do the rest of the work on our own as we have a good trust relationship with many of our customers. We absolutely don’t mind both situations and welcome both of them as we understand all the needs of our day to day clients. So if one of you is in need of OFFICE REMOVALS to be carried out them for them, then we are just a call away.


All the relocation services are incomplete without the FURNITURE REMOVAL as furniture is the main possession of any house or office. But handling the furniture with absolute care and in a professional way is what one demands. Usually we split our furniture removals into three parts

  • Furniture Dismantling

Most of the time, places where doors and windows do not allow free movement of the furniture, we adopt dismantling. Although the bed set is most of the times dismantled but still the other things like tables, chairs, racks etc. need to be packed and moved into parts.

  • Furniture Assembling

For sure, when all the furniture is moved to the new location, then it is to be made sure that all the dismantled things are back to place so that the new home is back to function. So we provide reassembling services with dismantling.

  • Packing the furniture

PACKING the furniture with the needed material is very essential. So we make sure that all the furniture is packed well enough and after we are satisfied, we then move the furniture from the current place to the new destination.


PACKAGING MATERIAL is one of the most essential parts of LONDON HOUSE REMOVALS as we have all the material for packaging which are the best and made according to the ISO standards. These standards are followed because it is always better to go through all the safety measures despite of making a complete disaster out of the things packed into the low class material.


Similarly as we have all the appropriate PACKAGING MATERIAL, we also have the trained MAN WITH VAN for conducting the packaging process. Packaging is not just meant to store all the things in one place for the move, but it needs to be made sure that the thing stuffed into them are still safe enough to survive all the hardships of the move and stacking and then transportation. So we are trained and we can conduct everything accordingly.


Now comes the main part, Transportation from one place to the new place. After each and everything is stacked one over the other into the purpose VAN, then we cover and tie all the things so that all the things hold grip with one another.


If you are moving intercity, then it is always better to go for short distance transportation services as it is cheaper than the other one.


If you are willing to go from one city to the other or an entirely new place, then you are automatically into our Long Distance Transportation Service and we charge extra depending upon the extra bit of miles which are involved as well as the toll taxes coming within the way.


Most of the clients need storage facilities either in their locality or other places within the UK, we offer STORAGE SERVICES for both type of customers.


Short term storage services are for those people who need space for a short time to keep their possessions safe and sound. We have storage places which are always ready to fulfill your requirements. Within your reach all the time.


Long term storage services are for those people who are willing to go for contracts for keeping their belongings safe for a longer time. Just like some of the offices do not have extra spaces to keep all their extra documents or stuff in some extra place, so they prefer to rent out some space from other companies.


We have the best services to offer against the cheapest prices in the whole of London. We can prove this as we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS from the market rates by which we will be charging you only 25£ GBP per hour.

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