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When redecorating your home or getting new things for your house, all the little things can add up until you have quite a large bill. It’s important to firstly make sure you budget properly before having any work done on your home, and secondly, make sure you know how to get all the best deals for the work which you’re having done in your house.

1) Shop Around

  • First of all, make sure you research properly and find all the window shutters companies in your area. There is unlikely to be hundreds of companies all specialising in window shutters in your area, so it’s worthwhile contacting the few that you can find. You can then narrow down your search to just a couple of them which you prefer out of the whole selection.
  • However don’t be tricked into assuming that the cheapest deal is best. When you are investing in something like window shutters you want them to last for a long time – you won’t always get this longevity with a cheap product.
  • Instead what you need to do is shop around and read reviews to make sure that you choose a company that offers high quality product.
  • If you are looking for an local shutter company there are a few reputable companies out there like Love Shutters UK, Hillary’s and Thomas Sanderson to name but a few and one of them could well be the right choice for you.

2) Know What You Want

  • Secondly, once you have an idea of what you’re actually looking for, browse the websites to see what kind of shutters are available. You can try to find the same shutters from a different company and compare the prices. Contact the companies and ask for some free brochures, as these are more likely to have a much wider selection.
  • There are lots of home decor and furnishing websites online too – so getting inspiration is easy! You could also take advantage of a shutter design and installation service from a company such as Love Shutters UK to make sure you choose the right shutters for you and your needs

3) Get Money Off

  • Also check to see whether there are discounts codes available from any other websites. If it is a particularly large company, you can find any voucher codes or discounts by searching the internet for “vouchers codes” followed by the company name. Check to see that they haven’t expired, since you’ll often find discounts which aren’t valid anymore.
  • Also remember that shutter companies much like any others often have deals and sales on. If you know you are going to be buying window shutters anytime soon keep an eye on retailers websites to see what is coming up and how you could save money.

4) Getting A Deal

  • Finally, look to see whether the company offers free fitting of the shutters when you purchase window shutters from them. A lot of companies like this will offer free or discounted fitting, since fittings are often expensive and it’s much easier to simply get your shutters delivered and fitted at the same time.

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