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Removals Expert is your local London Removals Company operating in the area of London providing a reliable and quality Removals Service. Moving your House, Office, Flat or Room can sometimes be stressful but our dedicated staff which are trained for only one thing and that is Safe Removals, helps us continue to remain at the forefront of London Removals. Removals Expert works on very simple principle which is giving our customers a friendly, efficient and quality move by taking the burden off the customer shoulders. For small moves we tend to charge hourly rates to make it simpler for our customers and for us and for bigger moves depending on the customers preference we tend to charge a lump sum price. But all of our quotes are with a guarantee to beat any genuine quote with a 10% difference.
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MOVING your HOUSE is not and easy task, it takes a lot of planning, time, tools and labour. LONDON REMOVALS COMPANY has been working for years in your local area to make this easier for you. In your house you would items that might be fragile and would need utmost care and moving those items is something you don’t want to choose a wrong person for it.
Would their be anything more stressful than MOVING your OFFICE? We know how important a business is for one and that is why we have a dedicated team for business moves and their job is to plan and carry out a move which does not effect the work at all. Our OFFICE REMOVAL team is flexible enough to carry out the job anytime of the day to make your move a pleasant and memorable one.
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MOVING A FLAT is one of the hectic things one would ever face. In our household we would have items we love the most, for instance take a unique massive vase which needs to be brought down from third floor and need to be shifted to another flat on a fourth floor. Just to let you know We would love to professionally pack the vase in a container and will move it to the desired place.
Are you a student living in or around London? Are you thinking to move and not sure of the hidden charges and small print terms and conditions? STUDENT REMOVALS is one of our famous services and we have been serving in London for quite a while now. STUDENT MOVES are mostly booked on an hourly rate but now it is available for a lump sum price as well. Please contact us for more details.
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SMALL REMOVALS or MOVES are normally for people living in a room and moving to new place, single or multiple items move or deliveries needed to be made or collected from the retailers like IKEA, Home Base. Book a small move for as low as £35/hour without any hidden charges as we believe in making the move simpler, easier and faster for you. Contact us to get a lump sum quote for your move.
Most of the FURNITURE REMOVALS or MOVES would require to dismantle the furniture and would need to be assemble back once reached at the desired destination. For these small moves we tend to offer hourly rates and our team of trained professionals carry all the tools which may require to dismantle the furniture however, lump sum rates are also available. We guarantee a safe and scratch free move for all of your furniture.
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Packing your items in the right way will make your move a lot more easier. It will be easy to carry your small items if everything would be in the boxes and properly packed which will save a lot of time. The PACKAGING which you may need would be boxes, packing tapes, removal blankets, mattress covers, sofa covers, bubble wrap, packing sheets and shrink wrap. Contact us to get a quote for all of your packing needs.
At times you might need to move to a temporary house or office and u need a place to store your personal belongings or furniture for a short period of time. Most of the times the STORAGE providers tend to let the space for minimum a month but we have got more options for you. We can take your items and deliver them at your doorstep when you need them . Contact us now to get a get a quote for your STORAGE needs.
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In the busy life of people living in London, we know sometimes it could be hard to spare time to organise and move your stuff to your new place when you area moving. We have tried our best to solve this problem by offering hourly MAN AND VAN rates to make things simpler and easier for you. You can book MAN AND VAN SERVICES for a few hours or for a whole day depending on how big or small the your job is.
Are you moving to a new place and looking for someone who could help you move your items and clean the house professionally? Most of the time your Land Lord or Letting agency would ask you to get the END OF TENANCY CLEANING done before you move out that include the professional cleaning of the whole house making it ready for the new tenant. Contact us to get a quote for all of your PACKAGING, MOVING and CLEANING needs.
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Think of removal and think of safety of your goods. Make a checklist of items that you want to take along and then segregate the items according to their properties. For instance club fragile items together to ensure they are packed and transported together. Files, stationery and books could be packed in one box and electronic items like digital clock and music system in another. We can help make a checklist of your belongings. Our removal team would pack the items in boxes of appropriate sizes and provide you the list of items packed. It would help you track your goods, when unpacked. You would be able to trace your belongings from the list of packed goods. If you are relocating to a new home or shifting your office, you can rely on us for help. Give us a call or visit our website to get a quote for your relocation job.
London Areas We Cover
Removals in Central London
Removals in East London
It is where heart of UK lies. It is Central London, where you can witness harmonious marriage of true UK culture and tradition with that of rest of the world. This place is a business center and also a resting place for vacationers. It makes us feel pride to offer our services in this area. Come to East London and see a different world here. Narrow alleys merging into wide roads and the roads converting into highways make this place easily accessible from across the UK. There high edifices that are a symbol of development and also there are symbols of religion, culture and tradition. We have extended our removal services to this area to serve our clients better.
Removals in North London Removals in West London
Visit this area to witness the marriage of tradition with development. This area has everything from roadside eateries to mouthwatering restaurants and from small shops to swanky business complexes and not to forget the most famous pedestrian crossing of the world. We are also present here. It is a must visit place for everyone as it has everything from recreational activities to the most beautiful places. Whether you love sports or culture and tradition, you would find everything here. Don’t worry about relocation as we can make your relocation to this place a hassle free affair.