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If you are fed up of your current residence and are planning to move from one place to the other for a better living experience, then start looking for another place to satisfy your needs. If you are planning a HOUSE MOVE in your vacations, then you better start looking for the best REMOVALS COMPANY in town, as you will definitely not want to consider carrying out all the HOME REMOVALS on your own and spoil your vacations in the process. BATTERSEA HOME REMOVALS COMPANY, which is the branch of LONDON MAN AND VAN HIRE COMPANY, is here for the rescue as we have the ability to perform HOUSE REMOVALS in the shortest possible time interval and in the best and safest manner. HOUSE REMOVAL has never been so much easy and fun as it is in the present times. All this is because there are new and latest tools available with MAN AND VAN to carry them out safely. Trollies, Dollies, Safety ladders functional with working MEN can make all the HOUSE REMOVALS easy and safe.



Our professional MEN are fully equipped with all the instruments and skills needed during the REMOVALS, like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, Masons etc. With the help of these MEN there is no possibility that HOUSE REMOVALS can become a disaster. These MEN are always dressed like gentlemen with a clean and tidy look, using safety boots and helmets during the HOME REMOVALS. They don’t just look professionals, but they actually are professionals with dedicated minds for the work.


We have a team of professionals in the field of HOUSE REMOVALS equipped with the best VANS specially designed for HOME REMOVAL purposes. These REMOVAL VANS are fully covered with high roofs and are made according to all the safety standards in view. One VAN is enough to carry the luggage of a large bedroom. We have the pride of having the most reliable, punctual and hardworking MAN AND VAN REMOVALS COMPANY in BATTERSEA. Our team is dedicated and expert with MAN AND VAN always ready to work at all time to fulfill your day to day MAN AND VAN requirements. We have an insured staff and company working all over the UK.


There are many people who are working part time in the field of REMOVALS. These people are aware of the prices that different REMOVAL COMPANIES offer, so they under quote the rates to the clients who need REMOVAL SERVICES and take advantage of the low prices. These people do not have their own sources and resources to carry out their REMOVALS, so when they get an order, they make arrangements from other MAN AND VAN HIRE COMPANIES working in the area. Remember that these sorts of people are not professionals and so they are not aware of the safety standards and are also not insured for any damages and other mishaps. There are complete chances that these part time REMOVALISTS may damage all your luggage and also that they might use inappropriate packaging material. So before hiring a REMOVALS COMPANY, make sure that the COMPANY has a proper working background and also that it is a fully functional COMPANY which has its own sources and resources under work. Many people who have experienced working with a non-professional HOUSE REMOVAL team have come out paying more due to loss of their luggage, broken tables, beds, etc. So consider saving a bit more money and save your luggage from damage.

We provide all these services during our work

  • Cleaning of both the houses before and after the move
  • Rubbish Removals so that no waste is carried during the work.
  • Office Removals
  • House Removals
  • Flat Removals
  • Student Removals
  • Temporary and long term Storage services
  • The entire standard Packaging Material
  • Shifting Services
  • Man Services in different numbers according to requirements
  • Van Services available in different numbers and sizes and for different purposes
  • Hence we have a wide range of services to offer all across the UK

We mostly prefer to work under your administration and guidance because you know your house best.

If you are looking for one of following services please call feel free to contact London Removals.


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