Man and Van Hounslow with removals expert is a stellar MAN AND VAN SERVICE PROVIDING COMPANY working in all over the UK. It has the apotheosis of working and toiling people all over the UK for a good time span.We are proficient and ace in daily MAN AND VAN HIRE SERVICES and are biased to minister the finest and the best services as compared to our business rivals in the native market. The best job done is which is done with perfection. We follow these principals of work, we also know that quality is applauded by everyone and our work speaks for itself. There is an old saying, which goes “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” so we work our heart to fulfill its definition.

MAN AND VAN COMPANY is highly alleged due to its efforts in relatively all MAN AND VAN demands. We are always conscious of our client essentials, so we administer them with affirmed contentment.

Our level of work can be doomed from the amount of MAN AND VAN trade we have accomplished without much promotions. This being the cause most of the time we have gathered business from our foregoing clients introducing to fresh customers.

When and Where Do You Need MAN AND VAN Hire???

People in past times, when needed to port their luggage of a full house from one place to another, had to face big challenges. They had to make arrangements for many things so as to complete their task. It would take them days just to make different arrangements. After arranging all the material, the process of packing, handling, moving and porting to the other end of the destination was totally an unpleasant job. Many of their expensive and fancy belongings had to face damage during the process. People felt it difficult to make out time for shifting or moving their homes, offices, scrap and other useful belongings from one place to another. People didn’t understand where to start from and how to start. Planning and implementing REMOVALS took a lot of precious time and gives out a tiring impression within them.

Here comes our part as REMOVALS EXPERTS and professionals in this type of industry. We, after considering all the above stated problems, came to the decision of facilitating normal people so that the whole responsibility becomes ours. We came up with a plan to introduce MAN AND VAN HIRE services, through which people can benefit and make scratch free REMOVALS and SHIFTING.

Now there is no need to waste your money in spoiling your costly luggage as we perform break free moves. All you need is to sit home relaxed, make us a request online or by contacting our 24/7 help line and if unattended, we will come back to you as soon as possible.

We have all the things you need just under one roof. If you do not have time to make arrangements, then we will be making every sorts of arrangements like plumbers, electricians, painters, tile fixers, masons and all other such labor so that you don’t feel the pain.

We make all these moves so that you can pay a little and make big things happen in a small time without facing any loss as we have a completely insured company and all are moves are also insured. Our MAN AND VAN are also insured.

We have the latest and the best VAN HIRE SERVICE available at just one call. Our VAN is sufficient enough to fill it with luggage of a single room to a complete flat, or a complete furnished house. So you do not have to think again as to subscribe with our services.

Hire our expert MAN AND VAN COMPANY services with all sorts of MAN WITH VAN power and all sort of packing and unpacking solutions we have the best our clients need. From the most delicate to the ones which are almost unmovable we have solutions for all in the most affordable prices, all at your door steps. We provide EXPERT REMOVAL services in every part of the UK.

You do not need to register with us and fulfill any other time taking formalities to get in touch with us. All you need is just to type in your address, your ZIP postal code and your contact number and our MAN AND VAN HIRE team will be back to you as soon as possible.

We have MAN AND VAN solutions for : 


Highly official and intimate data and files need to be handled with care and entire isolation.
No data or file theft or displacement should take place.

Office props and other office accessories should be available at all time for the workers and should be intact.

There should be a fully functional office environment at the destination where the office is to be shifted or set up.

Everything should be at its place.

All these factors are the ones which we properly keep in mind and act upon so that we can make OFFICE REMOVALS a complete success. This is done so that our clients are more than happy to welcome our services at any other time and place possible. We consider each and every inch of details to be important so that our work seems to be flawless.

OFFICE REMOVAL job is a big responsibility which is the reason that we have a professional and trusted staff to perform tasks like these. If you ever feel the need of a reliable OFFICE REMOVAL source, then feel free to contact our REMOVALS EXPERTS UK team.


HOUSE REMOVAL seems to be a tiring job as you have to involve each and every minor belongings for being packed and moved. There are many things you need to dispose and many to be carried along with you. Keeping in mind all such details we carry on with our work with your complete assistance.

There are tube lights, fancy electrical appliances and other electrical appliances which need to be handled with care so as to avoid breakage. Some of them are fixed and need assistance of the electrician while others can be moved with ease.

Similarly there are kitchen appliances like gas cylinders, ovens, stoves, taps and other such things which need expert handling so as to be preserved for the move. We will make arrangements of an expert plumber to carry on the job.

Similarly wash room accessories like showers, hand showers, Bath tubs and other such things need the expert handling of a plumber, so we will make arrangements and make sure that all safety measures are carried out for moving.

Professional carpenters will be arranged so that any of the fixed wooden items can be removed to make them useful for the next destination.

If we do not seek assistance of these professional people, there are chances that you may destroy your valuable items.

All the other packing and removals will be performed by our MAN AND VAN.

So here you can see that we do not work with amateurs to carry out our HOME REMOVALS jobs. Which make our team worthy of appreciation.

It does not matter where you are willing to move and what you are willing to move. You are moving across the street, across the neighborhood, across the city or across the UK, our expert HOME REMOVAL MAN AND VAN staff is available to make it look easier than ever and perform up to the mark.


While HOME REMOVALS, OFFICE REMOVALS or CORPORATE REMOVALS, there are lot of things which are of no use or need to be disposed. We take care of all such things and make sure to dump them appropriately and without making any sort of damage or problem if they could make. If they are waste, they will be handled as waste and if they are scrap, they will be handled as scrap.
There is always need to dump the waste in accordance to the recycling laws so that they can be recycled if possible.

The type of DISPOSAL MATERIAL include: 

Toxic Liquids:

These are injurious to health and and sort of mishandling may result in either loss of life or harm to the individual who is handling it without care and all the precautions and safety measures.

All types of Acids:

Acids are of many types. It is better to have proper knowledge as to how to handle them and what sort of damage they may cause is mishandled. We handle all these things with proper care.

Other Daily Waste Material:

  • Scrap Material
  • Recycling Material
  • Dead Animals


Often there are things, which have extra volume and cannot be man handled. For such type of material, we have special lifts and other props. We will make sure that there is not a scratch during the move and all the things are moved safe and sound. Specially in case of OFFICE REMOVALS, CORPORATE REMOVALS and INDUSTRIAL REMOVALS, where there are heavy machines that need to be transported from one end to another, we provide all such services with ease.

Delicate things need to be moved with proper care so that they don’t face breakage, as moving them is easier but while transportation, they need to be made sure to avoid breakage. We have special packing materials for such delicate items.


We perform HOUSE AND OFFICE CLEANING tasks during moves. We clean the current place and destination where the shifting is to take place. We maintain a clean and healthy working environment during the move so that all the work is carried out with ease.

Hence all the MAN AND VAN services are available within your reach.


REMOVALS EXPERTS have the ability to make all your STORAGE absolutely stress free. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell your home, relocate or free up your useful home or office space, our highly professional storage facilities are located within your locality. Now you can choose to store your precious belongings close to your office, wherever in the UK that may be.

With years of experience in the field of STORAGE, our LONDON HOME and LONDON OFFICE STORAGE facility is quite convenient and available for all sort of small and large storage. We maintain a very clean and tidy storage environment so that if you ever feel the need to visit it, you feel very comfortable.

We also have temperature controlled storage solutions.


We provide services with the following combinations: –


You can avail this service if you are willing to adapt for small moves which can be handled by a single man or men with van.


If you need a helping hand in any sort of REMOVALS, PACKAGING or other service, you can look forward towards our MAN HIRE facility. You can choose for the quantity according to your need.


If you need our VAN services, they are always ready in order to facilitate you in any size and quantity. Our VAN is enough to carry almost all your requirements.

Transporting passenger luxury executive buses: 

If you are planning to go for a family picnic, camping with your friends or holding out any other occasional transportation need or passenger buses, then you have come to the right place. We have buses in all sizes to meet your requirements. All the buses are air conditioned and with a fresh feeling from inside. All buses are air conditioned and available with or without drivers.

Hence you can see that we are dealing with a wide range of services in MAN AND VAN and any REMOVAL services.

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