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BLACKHEATH is the rural part of LONDON, which is situated in the inner part of South East London, which is in England. It has a district post code of SE3 with the dialing code of 020. BLACKHEATH has the largest areas of land which it is spread upon which is around 211.5 Acers. LONDON HOUSE REMOVALS started working in BLACKHEATH right in the beginning of its REMOVALS career and step foot as a fewest of HOUSE REMOVAL COMPANIES in BLACKHEATH. We were able to gain interest of the people in this locality right from the start as we were the ones who were specialists in Dismantling and PACKING with transportation facilities with the aid of MAN AND VAN. BLACKHEATH REMOVALS COMPANY is the derivative of LONDON HOUSE REMOVALS COMPANY who has professional MAN AND VAN HIRE services as well.


PACKAGING is the most important factors about which many of the people who are seeking to gain PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FROM REVIVALISTS are concerned all the time. PACKAGING with BLACKHEATH HOUSE REMOVALS COMPANY has always been the best experience for all the people who have gained our EXPERT PACKAGING SERVICES. We have the most innovative PACKAGING SOLUTIONS FOR HOUSE REMOVALS so that none of your belongings face damage. As with the experience of our clients who have worked with us have always experienced PACKAGING to its best. Never in the history of LONDON HOUSE REMOVALS has it ever happened that any client has complained any disorder of any of their belongings handled by us during their HOME REMOVALS.

We have many of the PACKAGING MATERIAL mentioned below:

  • Standard Packaging Boxes made according to ISO standards
  • High quality Pallet Wraps
  • High quality Bubble Wraps
  • Mailing Bags (different sizes)
  • Wardrobe Garment Boxes (different sizes)
  • Hard and Soft Adhesive Tapes
  • Polythene Stretch and Shrink Wraps
  • Furniture Bags
  • Strapping Coils with Strapping Kit
  • Bubble Envelopes (different sizes)
  • Paper Rolls and Acid Free Tissue Papers
  • Book Wraps
  • And any other Custom Made Packaging Material which will be made on demand

These are a list of a few PACKAGING MATERIALS which we use for the best packaging solutions. There are some of the items which need special care and proper handling so that they can be secured. Some of the things for which we provide special packing care are

  • Glass Ware

Glass Ware is the most beautiful and one of the most expensive items which are highly fragile and can face breakage due to lack of handling techniques. Crystal glass, pots, fish pots, Photo frames, Mirror etc. are provided extra cushion with cotton rolls and bubble wraps combined so that they don’t break and also that each item in placed safely and separately.

  • Decorative Items

Decoration Items like artificial pots, flower vase, statues etc. are covered up with the best PACKAGING MATERIAL like bubble wraps and paper rolls so that the avoid direct contact with the other items and face breakage.

  • Expensive Paintings

You would never like your favorite paintings to be damaged just because of mishandling, so you don’t need to worry as we make it possible to secure your paintings with the best PACKAGING MATERIAL available with us.

  • Sports Goods

We have specially designed boxes for your sports goods so that they are safe and sound. Sports items like Golf Club, Cricket Kit, Football kits should be packed appropriately.

  • Musical Organs

We know how much you may love your musical organs and it may be your concern to get them moved with good handling. So we have special crated in which we will get them packed to avoid damage.

  • Antique Collections

Antiques are very rare and surely very expensive, it may be just rap in the eyes of a normal person but the person who beholds these things knows the worth of these Antiques. So we provide the best packaging solutions for such things.

  • Books

People who are geeks love their books as they are a sort of knowledge and refreshment for most of the people, we have special book covers to preserve the books for a longer time.

  • Special Designed Shelves and Racks

People who love furnishing their homes make newly designed decorative racks and shelves so they do not need to worry about them any more as we will make their move happen break free.

  • Furniture

Furniture can be moved with dismantling and packed with the best PACKAGING MATERIAL so that they remain scratch free throughout the journey.

  • Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances like microwaves, fridges, crockery, stoves etc. need special PACKAGING to make them safe during the HOUSE REMOVALS.

Hence we have a wide range of services to offer in every corner of the UK.


We work under your supervision and directions because you know your house best. We are also sure that if you gain our services, it will never squeeze your pocket or affect your credit card bills at all as we have the best services with low costs which is a dream come true in today’s expensive times.


So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for one of following services please contact London HOME Removals online or by making us a call. We are the best of the best and are available 24/7 for serving you.




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